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GPUHUB offers the finest and affordable GPS tracking solutions for your various needs with an advanced web-based interface. Trusted by millions, GPSHUB provides the most convenient and accurate mechanism to get in touch with vehicles, kids, workforce, field staff, senior-citizens, assets, heavy machinery, etc in the real-time.

The solution comes with the convenience of server-based software, which lets you track from any location and from any device with an active internet connection. Unlike many GPS solutions, GPSHUB got its own unique features and custom reports to fulfill any custom needs with minimum efforts.

Benefits of using GPSHUB Tracking Services

Being GPS tracking software leaders, we are confident enough in transforming your business to a revenue-generating asset and sharing valuable experiences on how to manage various tracking needs effectively using our affordable GPS tracking devices. After years of hard work, big investments and constant implementation of the latest technologies, we offer out of the box possibilities to business owners at pocket-friendly prices.

Stay in touch with our team for constant support.
Manage your time well to complete everything on time.
Earn an extra measure of transparency that saves time & money.

To get a complete list of services or benefits we offer to our customers, click below.

How to Start?

Starting with GPS Tracking is easy. You just have to initiate registration from our website and we will activate your account within 2 hours of registration. Once your account is activated, you are ready to go.

You will also get constant support from GPSHUB experts through different platforms like WhatsApp, Live Chat, Twitter, phone calls, etc. Just make a FREE account and you are allowed adding as many devices (android phones) as you need to the dashboard. The dashboard will give you a clear vision of what happened to your vehicle, kids, or assets along with their locations.

How does it Work?

GPSHUB is a cloud-based application that can be updated or monitored regularly 24*7. Our system accepts the data either through GPS tracking equipment or GPS-enabled android phones with our pre-installed apps. Your android device must be configured with the same account, registered with us. The location will start recording on our server and the dashboard will generate reports for configured devices.

To know practically, how our application works, click the Live Demo button given below.