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    The rapid industrialization and a quick surge in the trade have concluded that the Indian economy is based on the transport system. The dependency is huge in terms of public transport, rentals, passenger vehicles, or the shipping industry. As a result, the number of vehicles running on the road is just endless that triggers economic development exponentially. However, this enormous growth in a number of vehicles hosts plenty of problems as well.

    The primary issue is the management of such a large number of vehicles on the road. The infrastructure has been changed drastically everywhere over the years, yet it is a challenge managing large volume on the road. Ultimately, concerned authorities have to suffer from massive congestion and the traffic that somehow declines the safety of the vehicle.

    To overcome these issues, and to shape out the transportation structure, the Indian government has suggested the solution, AIS 140 certified devices. You must be wondering what is AIS 140 and how it can be beneficial for the country. Let us discuss it in detail below.

    What is AIS 140?

    AIS means Automotive Industry Standard that defines a complete set of rules or regulations as published by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) for all public transport systems to build an Intelligent Transport System in India. AIS 140 was introduced in the market when the Indian government felt the dire need for increasing efficiency in the transport sector of India.

    Under this standard, traffic management, public transport management, crisis management are taken care of wisely. It is a proven standard that is accepted globally and allowing the transportation authority to gain control of the entire transportation movement in the country.

    According to AIS 140, it is mandatory for public and commercial vehicles to deploy vehicle tracking systems with camera surveillance and emergency buttons. The transport authority has to make sure that all stipulated vehicles abide by the guidelines as laid down by the standard.

    What is AIS 140?

    The Automotive Industry Standard 140 is required by:


    Intercity and intracity public buses, along with intercity and intracity private ones.


    Car rentals, bus/taxi fleet owners, corporate fleets, taxi-hailing service providers

    School or Colleges

    Schools, Universities and corporate bus operators.


    Businesses transporting products or corporate fleets

    What are the Concerns?

    AIS 140 is an applauded step by ARAI and it also comes under security. Experts are a bit worried because it may be proven a redundant exercise if there are no established platforms or architecture to keep a track of vehicles. Also, they are worried that emergency requests may not be tended to properly unless a structure of surveillance is established by the government or the transport authority.